This guide is designed to assist you in understanding and using the system actions found in

Finding the System Actions tab:

  1. Log into your account at

  2. Click on Notifications in Classic View.

  1. Select the Event or Notification you want to edit. When creating a new Notification, these options will become available once the Notification is created.

  2. Select System Actions.

Creating new System Actions:

Now that you have found the section to add system actions you will be able to add the various System Actions to your notification. System Actions are designed to allow you to assign conditional logic to the software.

System Actions work by allowing you to assign various actions that will be trigged by the parent notification.

There are currently 4 System Actions available. A brief description will be provided below.

  1. Activate: This action turns a notification on. When the parent notification triggers it will enable the target notification.

  2. Deactivate: The action turns a notification off. When the parent notification triggers it will disable the target notification.

  3. Acknowledge: This action Acknowledges the target notification. Acknowledging prevents a notification from resending until the notification is either reset, or the triggering condition goes away.

  4. Full Reset: This action fully resets the target notification to an armed state. A notification that has been Full Reset will trigger next time a triggering condition.